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"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can." ✨- Arthur Ashe

💫Warm greetings all.. !!

We, the IGS GECB is back with yet another exhilarating quiz event :


🛑Details regarding the event are provided below:

⭕ Event date : 27 December 2020

⭕ Event time : 7 pm

⭕ Number of rounds : 2

⭕ Free registration

🏅 PRIZES WORTH Rs. 250 🎖️

💫 Exclusively for first year Civil engineering students. 💫

🎯 Participants must register at:

⭕The event will be conducted via Google meet.

⭕A preliminary round will be conducted a day prior to the competition day if the number of participants exceeds the expected amount.

⭕Registered participants will be added to a whatsapp group wherein the rules will be explained in detail.

Come.. Join..🥳 Be a part of this mesmerizing event conducted by IGS GECB..🥳

🛑For more details, contact:

📞Vaidehi Vijay : 6282709019

📞Abdurahman : 9539274781

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